Goals and Members

CARE Goals

  • To proactively build and sustain community with a flexible, collaborative campus wide team:  receptive to communication about behaviors and situations signaling student distress or campus disruption and responsive to initiating appropriate campus and community referral.
  • To help and support students via educational rather than punitive means, according to established protocols and transparent procedures while protecting the privacy and rights of individuals.
  • To provide consultation, referral and support to employees.
  • To discuss observed and reported trends in behaviors and situations and plan preventive actions.
  • To provide awareness of resources as we work together to promote student and community success.
  • To review and evolve CARE team functions and protocols while identifying and refining best practices.

CARE Team Members

Mari Acob-Nash, Dean of Student Life and Student Advocate

Jasmine Adamek, Executive Assistant to the Vice President – Student Services

Alissa Agnello, Dean – Math and Science Division

Toni Castro, Interim Vice President – Student Services and | NSC Student Conduct Officer | Chair – CARE Team

Jenny Mao, Counselor – Counseling Department

Josef Mogharreban, Director – Disability Services

Brianne Sanchez, Director – Financial Aid & Veteran Services and Grade Complaint and Student Complaint Officer

Jeffrey Young, Director – Safety and Security

Our utmost appreciation to Green River Community College’s and Seattle Central’s, Behavioral Intervention Teams for sharing the information contained in North Seattle College's CARE Team web pages.