Suicide Prevention

In life threatening emergencies, call 9-1-1. On how to handle behaviors or situations of concern, click Report Concerns What To Do and When for guidance.

People concerned about the safety of a student can call the 24/7 King County Crisis Clinic Hotline 206-461-3200 (TTY 206 461-3610) or 1-800-273-8255, describe the situation and ask for assistance on strategies for helping the student.

Crisis Connections, Mental, the National Institute of Mental Health, and the Veterans Crisis Line help address and calm the distressed person; describe warning signs, and suggest interventions:

Suicide assessment, intervention and treatment of underlying causes are critical and nuanced public health and safety concerns. We want students to get the most immediate and effective help at the level most suited to their need. This requires 24/7 access to medical specialists with legal authority to immediately implement life-saving interventions including—if determined necessary-- traveling to the caller’s location to directly assess/intervene, and facilitating both voluntary and involuntary hospitalization. North Seattle College is not equipped to provide these highly specialized public health and safety functions.

The highly specialized public health and safety functions of suicide assessment and intervention are provided by 9-1-1 and by the 24/7 Crisis Line 206-461-3222 (TTY 206 461-3219) 711 WA Relay or 866-427-4747 (866-4CRISIS)

In instances when a student tells an instructor or other North employee that they are considering self-harm/having thoughts of suicide, it is helpful to respond indicating that the student is valued and that the instructor is concerned about the reference to self-harm. The instructor communicates that they want the student to get the best-qualified help. While the instructor has expertise in helping the student understand course material, they recognize the student faces additional stressors that can be served—far better and faster—by connecting with services with specialized professional skills. Therefore, they urge the student to:

1. 24/7 Crisis Line 206-461-3222 (TTY 206-461-3219) 7-1-1 WA Relay or 866-427-4747 (866-4CRISIS) where trained professionals provide listening and assistance.

2. Text a free crisis response for individuals who prefer texting. All they need to do is TEXT “Home” to 741741

3. Talk with a medical provider/MD, describing their stress and thoughts of self-harm, and simultaneously asking the medical provider to document a medical condition so that NSC Disability Services (206-934-3697) may support their mental or physical needs.

4. Comprehensive public health services are available at:
Neighborcare Health at Meridian
10521 Meridian Ave. N., Seattle WA 98133
For appointments call 206-296-4990.
At NeighborCare Health, the student can receive ongoing medical, dental and behavioral health counseling services.

5. Local hospitals and emergency rooms.