Due to the COVID-19 closure, our office is closed and we are not administering any tests at this time.

Students may complete their English placement remotely by taking our English Directed Self Placement tool.(Please note, Basic and Transitional Studies Level Four and below and International Students with F-1 Visas are not eligible for the Directed Self Placement tool).

If you need to take a math placement test before our office is open, you may take the math placement test online through. Please send all placement test scores to NSCTesting@seattlecolleges.edu.

To register to take the English and/or math placement e-mail to NSCTesting@seattlecolleges.edu.

Faculty are to work with student’s receiving testing accommodations directly to ensure this adjustment is adhered to and provided, as specified in their Letter of Accommodation (LOA).

GED Testing

For information about taking GED tests, please go to GED.com or How to Sign up for GED Tests. North offers GED tests weekly. GED test dates and times are also available when making an appointment at GED.com.

Payment is made online when making the exam appointment.   

Information about test preparation materials, arranging testing accommodations for a documented disability, duplicate certificates and score retrieval are also available on the site.  

For transcript requests:

Verify It! https://gedverify.org/default.aspx
Information for GED® tests taken after January 1, 2002 is available at: https://ged.com/life_after_ged/
GED® Test Verify is an online service that provides verification of GED® status and official GED® transcripts for those who have tested in Washington.

Use GED® Test Verify if you are:

  •     An employer who needs to verify GED® status of a potential employee.
  •     A higher education institution that needs to verify that a potential student has completed the GED® battery of exams.
  •     A GED® examinee who needs to request an official transcript.

Note: GED® Test Verify only contains GED® records for those who tested in Washington State or were residents of Washington State at the time of testing.

The General Education Development (GED®) Test is a way for someone who has not completed high school to show that she or he has the equivalent knowledge of someone who has. Most colleges and universities accept GED® Test score reports in place of high school transcripts. In order to receive federal financial aid, a student must have completed high school, obtained a GED or show Ability to Benefit. Most employers also accept the GED.