Clubs and Affinity Groups

Welcome North Seattle College's Student Organizations for Equity & Engagement (SOEE)

SOEE welcomes you to our vibrant campus community. At North we have two distinct and exciting types of Student Organizations – Clubs and Affinity Groups!

2020-2021 Clubs and Affinity Groups

Clubs supported by North relate to secondary characteristics such as language skills, work interest, country of origin, religion, shared interest, etc

American Sign Language 

Student Contact: Lydia Hayes
Advisors: Michael Cooper email  & Thomas Fuglestad 
Meeting Time: Mondays 5pm - 7pm
SOEE Liaison: Kawsar

Computer Science Club

Student Contact: Micheal Chung
Advisor: Barbara Goldner email
Meeting Time: Thursday – 4pm & project work
Join us for a meeting
SOEE Liaison: Ariana

Early Childhood Education Club

Advisor: Ninder Gill email 
SOEE Liaison: Jordan

Engineering Club

Student Contact: Natalie Mendez
Advisor: Jae Hyeuk Suk email
Meeting Time: Thursdays 5pm
SOEE Liaison: Vita

International Student Club

Advisor: Renee Infelise email
Meeting Time: Thursdays 5pm
SOEE Liaison: Vita

Rocketry Club

Student Contact: Alex Langenstein
Advisor:Tracy Furutani email
Meeting Time: Saturdays 7pm
SOEE Liaison: Vita

Solo Parents Club

Student Contact: Shakira Adams 
Advisor: Jenny Mao
Meeting time: Fridays, 7pm -8pm (email the club for zoom invite)
SOEE liaison:  Ariana

Student Veterans Community

Student Contact: Jon Biolette
Advisor: Gregory Tessensohn email
Meeting Time: Will start up in winter qtr.
SOEE Liaison: Kawsar

Vietnamese Student Association

Student Contact: Sami Lai
Advisor: Renee Infelise email
Meeting Time: Will start up in winter qtr.
SOEE Liaison: Gia

Affinity Groups supported by North relate to primary characteristics (as defined by Seattle Colleges District EDI definitions) and focus on centering and supporting students from systemically non-dominant communities. These include Asian; Black; Indigenous; Latinx; LGBTQ+. The institution recognizes that Affinity Groups are on-going throughout the year.

API Affinity Group

Student Contact: Gia Tran email
Advisor: Tomoko Okada email
Meeting Time: Mondays 3pm – 4pm
SOEE Liaison: Gia

Black/African American Affinity Group

Student Contact: Kawsar Hirsi
Advisor: Belinda Tillman email
Meeting Time: Thursdays 3pm – 4pm
SOEE Liaison: Kawsar

Indigenous Affinity Group

Student Contact: AJ Oguara
Advisor: Rose Buchanan email
Meeting Time: Tuesdays 3pm – 4pm
SOEE Liaison: AJ

LatinX Affinity Group

Student Contact: Ariana Santos-Enriquez
Advisor: Cristobal Borges email
Meeting Time: Thursdays 3pm – 4pm
SOEE Liaison: Ariana

LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group

IG: Instagram@Nsc.lgbtqia
Student Contact: Vita Harvey & Jordan Taylor
Advisor: Renee Infelise email
Meeting Time: Wednesdays 3pm – 4pm
SOEE Liaison: Vita and Jordan

Inclusion Statement

North Seattle College Student Leadership does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, age, nationality, religion, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, political affiliation or belief, citizenship/status as a lawfully admitted immigrant, or disability.

If anyone needs accommodations at any time, please contact Disability Services at (206) 934-3697 or Visit their office at CC2346A (College Center, 2nd floor, opposite Registration).

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SOEE Supervisors

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