Property Management
Preparation & Advancement


In Washington, property management is considered a real estate brokerage activity that is listed under the state’s real estate licensing laws. Therefore, property managers need to hold a real estate broker’s license.

To work as a property manager, in many cases you must have a real estate license and complete a bachelor's degree. Employers look for good communication and computer skills. Small complexes may prefer workers with building-repair skills and an understanding of real estate and landlord/tenant laws.


A real estate broker's license and industry certification as a property manager may be required.


A property manager may advance to becoming a real estate broker. Other opportunities for advancement include moving up in the ranks of a company.  Many management positions in this industry require a bachelor’s degree.  North now offers a Bachelor’s of Applied Science degree in Residential and Commercial Property Management.  Your AAS-T degree in Real Estate is pathway to this advancement opportunity.