B.A.S. Residential & Commercial Property Management

This program is under development and will begin in fall 2018. Applications will open in spring 2018.

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A Rewarding Career

Property Management is a booming and highly skilled profession in the Seattle area. If you have seen all the cranes building new office and apartment buildings downtown, you know that there are plenty of jobs out there. In fact, in the Seattle area there were almost 11,000 unique online job postings for property managers in 2016. According to the Seattle Times, Seattle is expecting nearly twice as many apartments to open this year than in any year in the city’s history. Furthermore, property management is a stable job, since employment levels typically do not fall during downturns in the economy. And property managers are well paid. The median earnings for a property manager in Seattle is over $60,000.

A Multi-Disciplinary Occupation

This program prepares students for a career in either residential or commercial property management. It is a multi-disciplinary curriculum, combining business, accounting, and real estate courses. This four-year, two-plus-two program combines a business or accounting AAS-T degree with upper division courses in property management (mostly real estate-focused instruction). The program is ideal for business and accounting students who want to make the transition to property management. Also, real estate agents who want to move into property management can benefit. Those that already have a bachelor’s degree in another field can take as little as 60 credits of upper division coursework (the RCPM courses) and earn their second bachelor’s degree in property management in just six quarters.

Course list

Here is the current list of upper division (junior and senior year) courses students will take in the program.

RCPM BAS Upper Division Course List and Sequence

Course Number

Course Name


Junior Fall
INFO 300

Introduction to Information Resources for Research


RCPM 301

Principles of Residential Property Management


RCPM 302

Professional Development



General Education Class


Junior Winter
RCPM 310

Overview of Student, Senior, Military and Affordable Housing


RCPM 401

Real Estate and Fair Housing Law


RCPM 320

Financial Accounting Systems for Property Management


ENGL& 235*

Technical Writing (or other communications class)


Junior Spring
RCPM 350

Cost Controls and Revenue Management for Property Management


RCPM 311

Marketing and Leasing of Residential Real Estate


RCPM 313

Marketing and Leasing of Commercial Real Estate


CMST& 220*

Public Speaking


Senior Fall
RCPM 402

Leadership and Human Resources Management


RCPM 420

Sustainable Facilities Management


ENVS 170*

Energy and Resources


Senior Winter
RCPM 315

Customer Service Skills for Property Managers


RCPM 330



RCPM 410

Professional Ethics in Property Management


RCPM 494

Practicum Portfolio


ECON& 201* or ECON& 202*

Micro or Macro Economics (or other general education class if both are already taken)


Senior Spring
RCPM 303

Construction Management


RCPM 495

Baccalaureate Internship


RCPM 490

Capstone Course



General Education Class


*Recommended general education courses                                                         Total: 90

This program will be worker-friendly, with the RCPM courses using a hybrid format in which information is presented online using the Canvas learning management system and class sessions will be just two weekday evening per week. General education classes are typically taken online.

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