Residential and Commercial Property Management

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Advising for the RCPM B.A.S. program is done within the Workforce Instruction division office, and RCPM B.A.S. Program Advisor, Cate O’dahl for advising.

The RCPM B.A.S. program is a relatively small program and the low student-to-advisor ratio allows the program staff to work closely with current and prospective RCPM B.A.S. students to answer any questions and create a clear path to graduation.

Prospective students can work directly with the RCPM B.A.S. program staff to review past transcripts and credits, answer questions about the application process, create a plan to finish the program prerequisites, or answer any other questions about the program.

If you are interested in the RCPM B.A.S. program, please email or call (206) 934-7794.