B.A.S. Early Childhood Education


Degree Required for Admissions
Competitive Admissions
How to Apply
Program Start Date
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Financial Aid
Washington State Employee Tuition Waiver

Degree Required for Admissions

A.A.S. and A.A.S.-T degrees in Early Childhood Education, Child and Family Studies, or related programs offer the best preparation for the ECE B.A.S. degree. However, any two- or four-year degree, combined with program prerequisites, will be considered. A percentage of prerequisites need to be complete by the program start date but do not need to be complete at the time of application to the program. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required.

Competitive Admissions

There are just 30 spaces available in the ECE B.A.S. program each year. The number of qualified applicants may exceed the number of available enrollment spaces. We review and evaluate applications in six areas. Please find these evaluation criteria listed on page 5 in our application.

The program anticipates being approved to accept international students by Fall Quarter 2016.

How to Apply and Deadlines

The application packet is now available. Apply now for fall 2016 admission! Spaces are very limited for our fall 2016 cohort. Please contact person(agarrett) to determine when you should apply and how you can get ahead on credits even before you begin the program.

Upon completion, you may email the application to the manager, send it by post, or drop it off in person. You will find contact information at the right on this webpage. If you have questions, please contact the B.A.S. Program Manager person(agarrett)

Program Start Date

A new cohort will begin the program every Fall Quarter. The next cohort begins on September 26, 2016.


For those who do not already have an associate in ECE, the following prerequisite courses are required* and can count as elective credits toward the B.A.S. degree:

  • EDUC&115 – Child Development
  • ECED&107 – Health, Safety and Nutrition
  • EDUC&130 – Guiding Behavior
  • ECED&170 – Environments
  • EDUC&150 – Child, Family, Community
  • ECED&160 – Curriculum Development
  • ENGL&101 – English Composition I

*Equivalent courses from other colleges may be substituted for any/all of these prerequisites. Candidates with equivalent prior learning from employment and professional development experience may inquire about testing out of these courses. If you have not taken these courses but wish to apply, please contact our program manager to discuss these alternatives.

Please contact the B.A.S. Manager person(agarrett) for information on completing these prerequisites.

Application Details

  1. Apply to the college and receive a student identification number (SID).
  2. Complete and submit an application for the ECE B.A.S. program.
  3. Submit a résumé containing work experience and skills relevant to the degree.
  4. Submit a personal statement describing the following in 400-600 words:
    • Your personal and professional goals and how this degree relates to those goals
    • Any challenges or hardships you have overcome in pursuing your education or work goals
    • Any other special considerations you believe will make you a good candidate
  5. Pay a $35 non-refundable application fee and submit receipt with program application.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Get details about financial aid and scholarship opportunities for B.A.S. Early Childhood Education applicants here.

Washington State Employee Tuition Waiver

The Early Childhood Education B.A.S. degree will allow qualifying Washington state employees to use the State Employee Tuition Waiver in the ECE B.A.S. program. Students wishing to use the State Employee Tuition Waiver must still apply to the program and meet all the prerequisite requirements. Full details regarding the policy and the special application process can be found here.