Math Placement Test

The math test has multiple-choice questions ranging from basic math to elementary algebra to college level math. The test is "adaptive," which means it adapts the next question to the answer you just gave. If you get a question right, it will ask a harder one; if you miss a question, it asks an easier one, until it has found your specific course placement.

When you begin the math test, it will ask you what level of math you want to start with (Introductory algebra, elementary algebra or college algebra). Picking a level close to your math skills will save you time and help your placement. If you know higher levels of math, it is better to start at the higher level, rather than the beginning level and move up and down between levels, depending on your answers. There is no calculator allowed for the math test, but a built in calculator is available throughout the exam for random questions.

English Placement Test

The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST) is a 20-minute, 50-question multiple choice placement exam. The WBST has a verbal section that is comprised of grammar, sentence construction, vocabulary, information, retrieval and reading comprehension.

Click on attachment on right of page to view a sample of the score report.

When the exam is complete, each student will be given a printout of their score report. This report will state how many questions were answered correctly and the percentage of correct questions per section.

See review material for the placement test and english appeal tests under Study Guides.