CARES Act: Higher Education Emergency Funds

North Seattle College students with the highest financial need may be eligible for the college’s second and third round of emergency funds from the federal CARES Act or for state funding as an alternative to federal CARES Act funds.

Under the federal CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act, the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund program provides funds to college students with the highest exceptional financial need related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The state of Washington also provided emergency funding for eligible students who are not eligible for federal funds. 

Both CARES Act and State Emergency funds are limited and the college cannot guarantee that all students will receive funding.

How do I apply?

  • Complete the online application.
  • Notices of eligibility and payments to students or their student accounts for tuition and fees will begin the week of April 26.
  • Requesting funds for unpaid tuition?  Please email NSC Financial Aid and request a hold on your tuition payment after you submit your CARES applications.

Who is eligible for funds?

Currently registered students who meet the following criteria are eligible for funds:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen, or permanent resident, or have demonstrated eligibility for state aid as an alternative to CARES Act funds.
  • Students taking ABE, ESL, GED, high school completion courses or high school students participating in Running Start are eligible for CARES Act funds.
  • Must be registered for at least three credits at North Seattle College
  • Students who are eligible to apply for financial aid, but have not yet done so will need to complete either the FAFSA or WASFA
  • Students must demonstrate they have exceptional financial need in their CARES II Application or with a zero EFC on their current FAFSA or WASFA.

Need Help Applying for Financial Aid or submitting a request for income adjustment?