Institutional Effectiveness

North Seattle College’s Institutional Effectiveness Plan, coupled with our District Strategic Plan, provide a roadmap with clear objectives for creating and sustaining a future that keeps student success at its center. This roadmap enables all parts of the campus, from the high-level strategic planning, to unit-level planning, to see themselves in the plan and to integrate core themes and indicators into daily work.

The Institutional Effectiveness plan was formerly a five-year plan, but, in 2016, the college moved to a seven-year plan. The move allowed the college to be strategically aligned with the accreditation cycle and ensure active and scaled annual assessment of institutional effectiveness. The college submitted its Mid-Cycle Self-Evaluation Report for the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.  

Below is a series of reports tabulated as part of North Seattle College's Institutional Research efforts.

Core Themes 

Student Demographics:

Community College Surveys:

Census (2010) Population Statistics:

Special Populations:

Student Intent Analysis:

Historical Full-Time-Equivalent Students:

Course Related Patterns:

Student Outcomes:

Student Retention Analysis:

Student Achievement Momentum Points:

Staff Related Information:

Direct Instruction Salary Cost Analysis:

Data Warehouse Data Dictionaries: