Institutional Effectiveness

North Seattle College’s Institutional Effectiveness Plan, coupled with our District Strategic Plan, provide a roadmap with clear objectives for creating and sustaining a future that keeps student success at its center. This roadmap enables all parts of the campus, from the high-level strategic planning, to unit-level planning, to see themselves in the plan and to integrate core themes and indicators into daily work.

The Institutional Effectiveness plan was formerly a five-year plan, but, in 2016, the college moved to a seven-year plan. The move allowed the college to be strategically aligned with the accreditation cycle and ensure active and scaled annual assessment of institutional effectiveness. The college submitted its Mid-Cycle Self-Evaluation Report for the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.  

Data Request Form

The Institutional Effectiveness Department at North Seattle College receives numerous requests for data during any given week. To manage workflow and to ensure a high level of quality in the data, we have created a data request form. Our goal as a department is to make every effort to provide the data requestor with the desired information within 10 business days of receipt of the request. Please access the data request form here.

Below is a series of reports tabulated as part of North Seattle College's Institutional Research efforts.

Core Themes 

Student Demographics:

Community College Surveys:

Census (2010) Population Statistics:

Special Populations:

Student Intent Analysis:

Historical Full-Time-Equivalent Students:

Course Related Patterns:

Student Outcomes:

Student Retention Analysis:

Student Achievement Momentum Points:

Staff Related Information:

Direct Instruction Salary Cost Analysis:

Data Warehouse Data Dictionaries: