Institutional Effectiveness at North Seattle College

The Institutional Effectiveness Department at North Seattle College provides data and research resources to all areas of the College. Institutional Effectiveness at North Seattle College also collaborates with institutional effectiveness colleagues at Seattle Central College and South Seattle College on initiatives that reach across the Seattle College District, including dashboards and surveys.

The Department works to provide the college community with insights from data to facilitate decision-making. Specific services of Institutional Effectiveness include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Data requests
  2. Dashboard development
  3. Support for academic and instructional support area program review
  4. Survey development
  5. Data analysis
  6. Report writing
  7. Support for accreditation reports
  8. Training to the campus community on topics, including survey construction and dashboard utilization

Institutional Effectiveness Participation on North Seattle College Committees

Institutional Effectiveness staff are involved with the following committees at North Seattle College:

  • Instructional Support Program Review Committee – Chaired by executive director of institutional effectiveness.
  • North Seattle Assessment Committee (NSAC) - Executive director of institutional effectiveness is a member of this committee.
  • Program Review Committee – Institutional effectiveness provides data to academic departments going through the program review process.
  • College Council – Institutional effectiveness department engages with this shared – governance body in several ways, i.e., research presentations, request for College Council input (custom questions for CCSSE and district – wide employee survey), etc.

North Seattle College Institutional Effectiveness Staff

Michael Giannetto
Senior Research Analyst

Data Request Form

The Institutional Effectiveness Department at North Seattle College receives numerous requests for data during any given week. To manage workflow and to ensure a high level of quality in the data, we have created a data request form. Our goal as a department is to make every effort to provide the data requestor with the desired information within 10 business days of receipt of the request. Please access the data request form here.

Institutional Effectiveness Resources