Stay Active

How to stay active in TRIO?

Student Participants must agree to do the following:

  • Agree to participate and complete the TRIO Orientation through CANVAS or in-person.
  • Agree to participate in a minimum of two TRIO Student Support Services activity each quarter. Such resources and activities include: attending a TRIO sponsored event, workshop, etc.
  • Agree to meet with the TRIO navigator twice a quarter which is week 5 & 7 for quarterly check-ins.
  • Agree to meet with your advisor once every quarter and maintain regular, on-going communication with your advisor.
  • Agree to regularly check your school email and the TRIO CANVAS page.
  • Agree to let the TRIO navigator know when your contact information changes, and when you make any changes in your academic program.
  • Agree to reapply to TRIO if North Seattle College requires me to submit a new Admissions Application.
  • Agree to give TRIO staff access to the following pertinent information: transcripts, financial aid applications and awards, placement scores, and academic progress information. You must agree to give TRIO staff release of your information and discuss academic progress with appropriate faculty, advisors, and staff