Assistance League of Seattle


Turning academic dreams into reality

Financial Aid For Education provides full-tuition scholarships and books to students enrolled in King County public colleges and vocational/technical schools who are not eligible for other forms of financial support. We support up to 20 students at the same time, and applications are accepted year-round.

Since 1967, Assistance League of Seattle has helped more than 450 students turn their academic dreams into reality through Financial Aid for Education.

Most of our scholarship recipients are non-traditional students who are pursuing their education in their late 20s, 30s, 40s. One of our policies is that they must qualify for in-state tuition rates and enroll in a program located in King County, which is a direct investment in our future workforce in the greater Puget Sound region. We currently support 17 students.

We are thrilled to partner with TRiO Student Support Services and Open Doors for Multicultural Families, which refer students to Financial Aid for Education.

Scholarships are granted quarterly.


  1. Must reside in King County and have established residency for in-state tuition per the school’s residency requirements.
  2. Must not be receiving other financial aid.
  3. Must carry a minimum of 10 credits per quarter (a different timeframe for a specific course requirement may be considered).
  4. Must maintain a 3.0 grade point average (required to submit an official transcript of grades).
  5. Must not have any advanced degrees (i.e. BA, BS, MBA, etc).
  6. Must complete and submit the required application form, obtain and submit 3 recommendations, and write a brief personal statement about his or her circumstances and goals.
  7. If approved, must participate in a brief interview with program representatives.


Due Date


Financial Aid for Education Chairman
1415 North 45th Street
Seattle, WA 98103