B.A.S. Residential & Commercial Property Management
Internship & Practicum

The Residential and Commercial Property Management (RCPM) B.A.S. degree incorporates both a practicum portfolio and an internship into the property management curriculum. These courses contribute to a significant applied, hands-on learning focus for the applied baccalaureate degree, giving students real world experience that they can bring to their future jobs.

Property Management Practicum Portfolio

The practicum portfolio is a project students will complete that is compiled into a portfolio. The portfolio will demonstrate property management knowledge accumulated throughout the program.

The practicum project will incorporate a real world project from an industry client. Students will be asked to create reports and deliverables for the client which may include, but are not limited to sample leases, revenue statements, and management plans. The practicum will incorporate content from all previous property management courses and will require that student create a final portfolio product demonstrating knowledge from past courses.

The portfolio is intended to support student in finding employment. Students will be able to use their portfolio to demonstrate their property management knowledge to potential employers.

Property Management Internship

The Property Management internship requirement of the RCPM B.A.S. degree can take place in the spring or summer quarter of either first or the second year of the program. The internship must be focus in the property management industry and must incorporate knowledge learned in previous property management courses.

The internship is a perfect way for RCPM B.A.S. students to gain real-world experience in property management and can lead to a permanent full-time position after graduation.

The RCPM B.A.S. program does not place students into internships. Students must find and apply to their own internships. The RCPM B.A.S. program supports students throughout the internship and career search process. The RCPM B.A.S. program maintains an internship and job board for all RCPM students as well as promotes student-industry contact through events such as the career and internship fair, employer panels, and networking opportunities at industry organizations.

Internship opportunities will be developed over time for the RCPM B.A.S. degree program, and students will work with an internship coordinator for guidance in identifying internship opportunities. It is strongly recommended that students meet with and work with the internship coordinator throughout the program.