For those who do not already have an Associate Degree in ECE or ECFS, the following prerequisite courses are required and can count as elective credits toward the B.A.S. degree. At least 3 of these courses, whichever you choose, must be completed prior to beginning the Bachelor’s cohort in any given fall quarter. Through the 2019-20 school year, the remaining 3 can be completed after you have started in the program. Admitted students also have the option to take a waiver exam for the remaining three courses. Waived courses do not count as credit toward the degree, but do count as meeting admissions requirements.  If you would prefer to take these courses online, please contact Annie Garrett, Program Manager, for special registration instructions. *Please note that beginning Fall 2020, the prerequisite policy will be changing and all six courses must be accounted for PRIOR to beginning the BAS cohort.


  • course(EDUC&115) – Child Development

  • course(ECED&107) – Health, Safety and Nutrition

  • course(EDUC&130) – Guiding Behavior

  • course(ECED&170) – Environments

  • course(EDUC&150) – Child, Family, Community

  • course(ECED&160) – Curriculum Development

  • course(ENGL&101) – English Composition I

Important Information about Prerequisites

• Equivalent courses from other colleges may be substituted for any/all of these prerequisites.

• Candidates with equivalent prior learning from employment and professional development experience may inquire about testing out of these courses.

• If you have not taken these courses but wish to apply, please contact our program manager to discuss these alternatives.