Other options for placement

Placement Tests

Most students starting a degree, certificate or college transfer program are required to take English and math placement tests to evaluate their skills. Testing is also required of students who want to enroll in English or math courses or in other courses that list placement test scores as a prerequisite. Go to the Testing Center during drop-in placement hours to test.

For details about the testing process, visit placement tests. To find the current drop-in placement schedule, see the testing calendar.

Save tuition money and time toward your degree by preparing for testing. Review the English placement test and Math placement test study guides.

Other options for placement:

  1. ACT or SAT scores 
    If you have qualifying ACT or SAT scores you can use them for placement. 
  2. Seattle Public Schools high school transcript 
    If you are a Seattle Public Schools graduate you can use your high school transcript for placement in intermediate algebra or college level math.  A placement test is still required for English 
  3. SPS Math request form 
  4. Placement test from another college 
    If you have completed placement testing at another college or university within the last year (math) or two years (English), you may be able to use it for placement.  
  5. College-level Math or English classes 
    Math placement testing may not be required if you have successfully completed a qualifying math class at another college or university within one year. English placement is not required if you have successfully completed college-level English Composition at another college or university at any time.

To use any of these options, you can e-mail, fax or bring your unofficial transcripts/test scores to Advising or to a START New Student Orientation to receive entry codes for registration.

Explanation of Scores
To evaluate your English and math testing scores, please download the current score matrix.
GED Scores
For transcript requests: If you completed after January 1, 2002, go to GED.com to request a transcript. If you completed prior to 2002, go to GEDverify.org.