Web Edit Requests

Steps for NSC website edits

  1. Send all edits, updates, maintenance, new page, and removal requests to nscpioweb@seattlecolleges.edu only. This allows us to track North’s web requests accurately and to make sure that we are filling the needs of our campus and also so we can easily track all updates and workflow. Emails sent to this account go to Nico Inzerella and Rakhee Phelps.
  2. Please label the subject line accordingly. Example: "Web edit for Testing."
  3. In your request, specify the exact web page/URL that needs updating. Also, please be very specific by identifying the exact location of the content on the page.
  4. If new content is needed, please provide it with instructions on how and where you would like it to be displayed if you have a preference.
  5. If the content you are sending is intended to replace all content on the existing page, please indicate that as well.
  6. Please send web edit content in a Word document rather than in the body of an email. Links contained in the body of the email can get corrupted when copying text from email to the web pages. Please have all links hyperlinked.

    Note: Please keep the styling to a minimum because our web team flattens the styles once we get it into the website. Please no CAPS, nothing crossed out, fancy fonts, etc.

  7. If requesting to delete a page or set of pages, please save the content in a Word document for your records, in case it needs to be resurrected or retrieved for future reference.

Academic Data Warehouse

Need access to the Academic Data Warehouse (Database) to make updates to your dynamic program pages? Please visit the Academic Data Warehouse page for information on how to request access and for step by step instructions on how to update academic info.

Helpful hints for web updates

Calendar Updates

Item(s) that need to be added to the online events calendar can be done through 25Live.


If you are going to provide content that includes a specific hyperlink, please make the link accessible. For example:

  • Instead of: View the Student Directory at www.long-url-name.com/directory/schedule.html
  • Please format using a hyperlink: View the "Student Directory".

If you don’t know how to create a hyperlink, follow these directions.

New Pages

If you need a new page created, please include the location of where the new page will live. For example: “I would like a page named Forms and Documents under Advising.”

Re-submitting Requests

If for any reason you need to re-submit a request based on a prior request, please be sure to include all of the information provided in the original request with the same subject line in the email.


If you have a word document that needs to be posted as a PDF, please save and send the document as a PDF to be included with your request.