B.A.S. in International Business Internships

The internship requirement of the B.A.S. in International Business degree is designed with a variable credit structure to allow students options for completing the 297 hour internship requirement (nine credits). 

Students enrolled in the program are eligible to register for CWE 495 Baccalaureate Internship after completing at least two quarters of study in International Business. The course can be split among one, two or three different internship experiences.

There is a three-credit minimum for each approved internship, or 99 site work hours. The internship can be completed domestically or abroad but must contain a strong international business component and incorporate knowledge learned in international business courses. (Internship Requirements)

One of the most important requirements to successfully completing an internship is writing quality learning objectives.  The Training and Learning Objectives contract is completed by students in collaboration with their internship site supervisor and the internship faculty. 

Because experiential learning is such a vital part of this degree, there is also an internship preparation component incorporated into the first year of the program. This component assists students in identifying and applying for internship opportunities.

For additional information on internships and specifically the internship requirement for the B.A.S. in International Business, contact the Internship Coordinator.

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