Safety & Security

North Seattle College has a staff of three full-time security officers and several part-time security guards who patrol the college buildings and parking lots (seven day a week, day and evening hours), and can provide emergency and non-emergency assistance to students, employees and visitors.

Security Services

First Aid

Security staff are qualified to provide CPR, treat minor injuries and provide care until paramedics arrive. We cannot provide transportation for injured persons. In the case of a serious or life threatening injury please call 911 first then contact security. If you do seek medical attention from a hospital or other health care provider for a work related injury you should fill out a Labor and Industries Employee Injury Report provided by your health care provider. You should also contact your supervisor to fill out a Supervisors Report of Injury (report forms available in the security office) at your earliest convenience.

Security Escort

North Seattle College Security will provide escorts on request. You may request an escort by contacting the security office or by using any of the eight security call-boxes or one of the public pay telephones located at the south end of the IB (1st and 2nd floors)

Vehicle Assistance

Security staff can assist with parking-related emergencies (battery jumps, keys locked inside vehicles, etc.) for those parked on campus grounds. Please note that vehicles with automatic door locks will likely require that you contact an outside professional service.

Parking Enforcement

Security staff patrol all parking areas to detect and deter vehicle theft, vandalism, and illegal parking. Parking rules are strictly enforced.

Lost & Found

Lost articles turned into the Security office can be retrieved when properly identified. Articles are held for a reasonable length of time.

Police Assistance

In the event of a threatening situation, or a situation involving the commission of a crime or requiring arrest, campus security or campus administration will call on the Seattle Police Department. Criminal incidents occurring on campus (e.g. murder, homicide, assault, forcible and non-forcible sex offenses, robbery, burglary, auto theft, arson, drug- or alcohol-offenses) will be reported to, and investigated by, the Seattle Police Department.

Access to classrooms, study areas, labs and tutoring centers is restricted to authorized individuals only (i.e. registered students, faculty and administrative staff). North Seattle College has a Criminal Trespass agreement with the Seattle Police Department who will assist in the removal of individuals who violate the terms of the trespass warning.

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