Office of Equity,
Diversity,  Inclusion,
and Community

Equity & Welcome Center

Welcome to your Equity & Welcome Center!

The Equity & Welcome Center’s Vision:

The Center aims to provide helpful resources for our students, faculty, staff and community that will inform our ongoing quest for racial equity and create a sense of belonging for all. Our work in the Center matters because race and inequities continue to matter in our country.

CC1151 – first floor of the College Center building 

The Equity & Welcome Center aims to identify and implement equitable strategies to end all racial and other equity gaps at North Seattle College.

The President’s Cabinet, students, faculty, staff and community stakeholders came together in 2018 to develop the framework for the historic Equity & Welcome Center at North.

The framework supports and advocates for the success of diverse and historically underserved communities on the NSC campus.

This includes communities from all cultures, ages, religious beliefs, races/ethnicities, sizes, gender identities, abilities, qualities, sexual affiliations, socioeconomic classes, veteran status, political beliefs, and citizenship status and sovereign nations.

Don’t hesitate to use resources and reach out for help! No one does college alone, and you deserve to feel welcome, valued, and safe.

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