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AAS: General Business

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The General Business associate degree program enables students to acquire a foundation in the basics of accounting, management, marketing, business communication, business law and finance. Students learn to apply diverse skills such as critical thinking, organization, problem-solving and professionalism to the business world. Through exploration and analysis of relevant business models, students explore ways of solving problems that commonly arise in business settings from small businesses to the corporate arena.

Note: Students wishing to transfer to an applied baccalaureate degree should consider the General Business AAS-T program.

Learning Outcomes
  • Perform entry-level work to journalize, post transactions, and prepare financial statements.
  • Use financial statements to make business decisions
  • Make management decisions related to personnel
  • Use marketing information to enhance business decisions.
  • Evaluate local, national, and international trends in business
  • Communicate effectively in oral and written forms in a business environment
  • Collaborate with others in ways that contribute to the organization’s goals.
  • Make effective use of human differences to create positive relationships with co-workers and the public.
  • Use current and emerging technologies to solve workplace problems through presentation, research, analysis, and synthesis.
  • Practice within the legal and ethical frameworks of business.

Many classes have prerequisites. Prerequisites are those classes that prove eligibility for entry-level classes by testing or by having satisfied prior course work. Course work earned at other institutions must be unofficially evaluated or approved by a program advisor before registering. Courses in this degree with pre-requisites are marked with an asterisk (*). See catalog for more information.

General Business AAS Prerequisites: None for program. Some individual courses have prerequisites (marked with *).

Note: Advanced placement testing, work experience, and transfer of credits may result in course waivers, credit transfer, and advanced placement. Please consult a college advisor and/or the program coordinator.



Program Requirements

Course Number General  Education/Related Instruction (35 Credits) Credit Hours
BUS230* Business Communications (See Note 1) 5
BUS210* Business and Economic Statistics 5
BUS236 Interpersonal Communications for the Work Place 5
  General Education Courses (See Note 2) 10
Course Number Degree Requirements (65 credits) Credit Hours
ACCT&201 Principles of Accounting I 5
ACCT&202 Principles of Accounting II 5
BUS&101 Introduction to Business 5
BUS112 Multicultural Issues in the American Workplace (See Note 3) 5
BUS114* Introduction to Marketing (See Note 1) 5
BUS169 or BUS171 * Using Computers in Business or Information Technology II 5
BUS&201 Business Law 5
  Business Electives - Pathway
(see Course Options below)
  Business Electives - General 
(see Course Options below)


  1. Must complete BUS131 -or- be eligible for English 101 via English Placement Exam or completion of ENGL 097/098.
  2. Five credits must be selected from an approved list of US Culture or Global Studies courses. Other 5 credits must be from General Education Areas of Knowledge (VLPA, ICS, or Nat World).
  3. Students completing the Communications, Business and Media Certificate may substitute CMST205 for BUS112.
Total Credits -- Minimum
Total Credits -- Maximum
Elective Groups


Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours

ACCT&203*Principles of Accounting III –Managerial5

BUS118*Introduction to Project Management5

BUS151 or BUS154 Introduction to Entrepreneurship or Exploring Entrepreneurship (See Note 5)3 or 5

BUS186*Sustainable Business5

BUS205Human Resource Management5

BUS215*Introduction to International Business5

ECON&201*Principles of Economics - Microeconomics5

RES100Real Estate Fundamentals5

Total Credits (excluding pre-requisites)8 or 10


Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours


ACCT&203Principles of Accounting III –Managerial5

ACCT261Accounting Information Systems5

BUSAny additional S with a BUS designation (See Note 6)Varies

CMSTAny CMST designated courses in the CB&M Certificate (See Note 7)Varies

ECON&201 *Principles of Economics -Microeconomics5

ECON&202*Principles of Economics - Macroeconomics5

ENVS160*Introduction to Sustainability5

RES100Real Estate Fundamentals5

RES202 or RES203

Multi-Family Property Management or

Property Management-Commercial


Total Credits (excluding pre-requisites)20 or 22


  1. Electives must include a minimum of 15 credits with a BUS designation (except students with CB&M Certificate).
  2. You may take BUS151 or BUS154, but not both. Only one will apply towards the degree.
  3. Elective BUS courses must be numbered 100 or above and not listed in Degree Requirements. May include BUS courses from Approved Business Electives – Pathway. Some courses have prerequisites; check course catalogue.
  4. Only students completing the Communications, Business and Media (CB&M) Certificate may apply CMST courses. Some courses have prerequisites; check course catalogue.

What Skills do I need to be successful in this field?

What are some potential job titles?

  • Business Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Operations Management
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Manager

Wages, employment trends and pathways

Program Coordinator:   

William (Bill) Holt   (206) 934-4523

NSC Advising Office                                                      

(206) 934-3658          

Program Website

Effective beginning: Spring 2002 
General Business
502D / 52.0201

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