Credit for Prior Learning Options

The following options are all considered types of credit for prior learning and are available to students pursuing career training degrees or certificates. These options provide several avenues for students to receive credit for prior knowledge and experiences.

  • • Prior learning credit may not transfer to 4 year institutions. Students should consult with their transfer institution prior to pursuing this option for transfer degrees.
  • • A maximum of 25 percent of the required credits in any program of study may come from the credit earned through any combination of prior learning options.
  • • A fee of $100 per course is required prior to faculty evaluation and does not guarantee credit or grade results. Meet with your faculty coordinator for more information.

Prior Learning Challenge Exam

Challenge a course by exam, designed to test for course outcomes. Your grade for the course is your grade earned on the exam. See the academic division of the course for availability and options.

Prior Experiential Learning Portfolio

Through the Prior Experiential Learning Portfolio, you may be able to receive college credit for knowledge you have gained outside the classroom. This credit option is appropriate for persons who have acquired knowledge and skills in ways that are not covered by any other academic methods. An extensive review process is required, including a written portfolio in which you describe what you have learned, how you have learned it, and how it relates to the type of learning that occurs in North courses and programs.

National, State, Industry or Professional Association Approved Training

Certificates of Completion or other documentation proving successful completion of training/coursework from schools which are approved by national, state, industry or professional associations may be reviewed and considered for credit at North. In such cases, meet with the faculty coordinator for your program of study. You will need to provide copies of all relevant documents to substantiate your training/coursework.

Work Experience

Prior work experience may be reviewed for credit. To have your work experience reviewed, you must meet with the faculty coordinator for your program of study and provide appropriate documentation. North's evaluation process relies on information substantiating that your experience is comparable to college-level programs. Faculty will evaluate appropriate documentation to determine equivalency.


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