Official Credential Evaluations can take 10-12 weeks to process, and are only conducted for degree-seeking students. For registration purposes, you will need to get a permission code from an Academic Advisor using your unofficial transcripts.

Yes. We can only evaluate transfer credits using the transcript of each college or university that the credits were earned from. If you would like all of your credits evaluated, then we need an official transcript from each institution you attended.

Unfortunately, no. We are separate institutions with separate transcripts. 

Transfer credits will show up on your North Seattle College transcript, but we only list the total number of transfer credits. Transfer credits can be viewed in ctcLink through your Transfer Credit Report.

Official credit evaluations are only conducted for degree-seeking students, for their particular program. We do not conduct holistic credit evaluations. If you are unsure which program you want your credits evaluated for, please meet with an Academic Advisor before submitting your official evaluation request.

Students can use the Evaluate my Transfer Credit tool in ctcLink for evaluating transfer credits against any program criteria.

Your GPA at North Seattle College is for credits earned at North Seattle College only. Your GPA from other colleges/universities will have no impact on your North Seattle College GPA.

Each Seattle College has their own transfer credit policies. If you have questions about how a class was brought in, or why a class wasn’t brought in as you anticipated, please contact the evaluator who transferred your credits. You may need to provide a syllabus for the particular class in question.

If the class does not apply toward your particular degree or certificate program, then it will not be transferred in. If the class is a prerequisite for a class you need to register for, you will need to obtain a permission code from an Academic Advisor.

A note will be made in your Advising Notes in ctcLink when your evaluation enters the processing queue, but it may take 10-12 weeks for the evaluation to be processed. You will be notified by email when it has been completed, and we cannot give you an update on the status before then. If you are concerned about Graduation or Registration timelines, please see your Academic Advisor.

Credentials and Records are separate entities with separate processing times and procedures. The credit evaluation processing time begins when we have received the evaluation request form, not the official transcript(s). It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that North Seattle College has received their transcript and to check their Advising Notes in ctcLink.

0.5 credits in a given category may be waived at graduation, assuming the student has enough total credits to graduate with their given degree or certificate. If a student is deficient in more than .5 credits for a given category, then we will need to pull enough credit from a similar class to make up the deficiency. If you have questions about your graduation plan after a credit evaluation or are unsure if you need to be concerned about a credit deficiency, you will want to meet with your Academic Advisor or Faculty Coordinator.