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Identify Career Interests & Academic Pathways

Research shows that students do best when they identify careers that use their interests, then pursue academic programs leading to those careers. Start your path from college to career by calling (206) 934-3676 to schedule an appointment with a North counseling faculty member. A North Counselor can help you take a standardized career interest inventories and identify your next steps.

Are you interested in exploring online career interest identification tools? O-Net online helps you consider your Holland Code interests using the following categories:

  • Enterprising/liking to influence and persuade people,
  • Conventional/liking to keep data organized,
  • Realistic/liking hands-on problem-solving,
  • Investigative/liking problem-solving using science and math,
  • Artistic/wanting a personally meaningful, expressive career, and
  • Social/wanting a career that helps people and the community.

O-Net online, then, provides you with extensive career information tailored to your interests.

HDC 100: Career Planning

Counseling faculty members teach Career Planning (HDC 100). A systematic approach to help understanding of individual occupational interests and goals. Includes standardized testing and discussions of values, interests and skills.

Career Identification & Information Links

PLSI (Paragon Learning Styles Inventory). This site offers a free self-report survey based on the theory behind the Myers-Briggs.

Holland Code Quiz. This links to a free site maintained by Rogue Community College that helps sort and rank interests into Holland Code categories of: Enterprising, Conventional, Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, and Social.

O*NET Online provides free access to extensive occupational descriptions and data. The following link provides career information based on Holland Code interests.

What Can I Do With a Major In...? This site lists college majors and provides detailed information about related careers.

Learn about career pathways in twelve key industries in Seattle-King County. For each industry, see the current trends, sample wages and career pathways offered. You can also map your own career by using the template provided.