Refund Deadlines

Refunds for tuition & fees (except those which are non-refundable) are refunded based on withdrawl date according to the following deadlines. Summer refunds are prorated according to the number of days in summer quarter. For more information see the Refund Policy.

Refund Deadlines and Amounts

Except for classes canceled by the college, refunds are subject to a quarterly administrative fee. See the Fees Table for specific fee amount.

Spring Quarter 2021



April 9

Last day to withdraw with 100% refund (less processing fee)

April 24

Last day to withdraw with 50% refund


One-Time-Only Classes

Deadline Refund
Prior to first class Full Refund
After first class No refund

One-Day-Only Classes

Deadline Refund
48 hours or more prior to class Full Refund
Less than 48 hours prior to class No refund