Frequently Asked Questions

How do I interpret my test results?

Look at the bottom of the printout under “course placements.”  If it says ENGL& 101 or MATH& 107 (or higher), you are eligible for Running Start.  If you are interested in a particular professional/technical program, check with the Running Start advisor to determine program eligibility.


What happens if I place into ENGL& 101 but not math?

You will still be eligible to participate in Running Start, but classes available for you to take will be limited.  


How do I choose my classes?

Make an appointment with your high school counselor to find out what classes you need to take to graduate from high school.  Ask whether your high school has already established a list of Running Start course equivalencies.  Then look through the Seattle Community Colleges District catalog or quarterly course schedule (available with your counselor or from our campus) to find classes that look interesting to you, will fulfill your graduation requirements, and don’t require prerequisites you have not met. You will also fill out a class schedule and then meet with a Running Start Advisor for further discussion on the classes you have chosen for winter quarter and to register.


How many classes should I take?

Discuss this with your high school counselor.  You may register for up to 15 college credits. A course load of three academic classes typically equals 15 credits and is considered a full load.  If you will be taking classes at your high school, you’ll want to take fewer than 15 credits at NSC.


Is my Running Start application my registration form?

No.  Your verification form provides registration information.  This form is a way for your high school to let us know which classes they have approved.  You will receive registration information in the mail after we’ve received all of your application materials and will meet with a Running Start advisor to register for your classes.


Why is it important to list alternate classes on my RS enrollment verification form?

As a new student, it may be difficult to register for your first choice of classes, so you’ll need to have several alternates on hand in case the classes you want most are already filled.  As a Running Start student, you will only be able to register for classes listed on your Running Start verification form.


What if there are specific classes I must take this quarter in order to graduate?

Because we can’t guarantee your registration in particular classes, you should make alternate plans in case the classes you need are full.  Talk to your high school counselor about other ways to meet your graduation requirements if you can’t do so through Running Start.


Will my Running Start classes go on my high school or college transcripts?

Both. Classes taken through Running Start count toward your high school graduation requirements and also become part of your permanent college record.


Can I still take part in my high school’s activities, sports and classes?

Yes. You are still a student at your high school, even if all your classes are here at NSC.  Talk to your high school counselor about specifics regarding eligibility for school sport teams and other activities.


Can I participate in Running Start if I’m in a private school / not in school / am homeschooling.

Yes, but you must first enroll in a Washington State public high school. 


Once I am a RS student, am I automatically in the program until I graduate?

No.  You must submit a completed, signed Running Start enrollment verification form prior to every quarter you wish to participate in the program.  There is no need to retest or submit another NSC application.


Does my eligibility for RS end as soon as I have met my high school graduation requirements?

No.  You are eligible for Running Start until the end of your senior year, even if you fulfill your graduation requirements before the end of the year.