Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information? The answers to many common Running Start questions can be found here.

Students enrolled at a Washington State public high school with junior or senior standing. You must also show eligibility for either college-level English or college-level math.

Before you can register for classes, you must first take an English and Math assessment test and place into college-level English (ENGL101) and/or college-level math, and also complete the Steps to Enroll.

The Running Start program covers up to 15 credits of tuition for college level courses (courses numbered 100+), depending on the number of classes taken at the high school. Students are also responsible for the cost of quarterly class fees, textbooks, transportation, and placement test fees. Students eligible for free or reduced lunch at their high school are eligible for the book loan and fee waiver program.

Running Start courses are available at any of Washington’s 34 community and technical colleges. For the Seattle College District, follow the links below to learn more about taking Running Start courses at North, Central or South Seattle Colleges.

Most credits will transfer to WA state schools and universities. We suggest contacting each school you plan to apply to and see what is transferrable.

The Running Start program does not cover any tuition or fees for the summer quarter. Current and new Running Start students are eligible to take classes during the summer quarter and the students are responsible for the full cost. Fee Waiver students must also pay for all costs associated with classes, including tuition, fees and textbooks.

If you wish to take summer classes, you will need to provide a written letter from your high school counselor, giving you permission to enroll in summer classes.

If you are not participating in Running Start, you may be eligible to take summer classes through the Underage Program.