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Specific Skills Learned

Employers in every industry — in aerospace, telecommunications, technology, Web development and healthcare — are searching not just for trained employees but for those with specific skills in project management. The workplace is increasingly based on collaboration among teams of professionals planning and managing projects. North’s Project Management certificate program helps you develop the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective project manager or member of a project team.

Courses Entirely Online

The 5-course Project Management certificate includes 2 direct project management courses (overview of project management and development of project team skills with an introduction to MS Project), as well as leadership theory, technical writing and a final internship component. You can complete the program in 2-3 quarters, entirely online, starting the series in either fall or winter quarter.

The program provides educational preparation for taking either the CAPM or PMP certifications.

Technology Focus

The curriculum includes a strong technology focus, utilizing Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Certificate courses simulate a hands-on work environment, where students tackle real projects first individually and then in teams, while accountable to a “client” and collaborating via e-mail, phone or groupware with other team members.

The program is building a synergy between campus needs and project management study, applying skills to enhance the College’s ability to provide services to students.

Capstone Internship Project

In the final course, student, instructor and employer together develop an internship as a capstone class with focus on specific learning goals in a real work environment. Students create their own internship opportunities as part of the learning process, with program guidance. Internships help in securing employment and in exploring what you want to do.

Grad Opportunities

The project management program is working to develop partnerships with various businesses, including companies where students already work. Although some graduates immediately land project management-related jobs, many of our graduates apply these additional skills as as enhancements to their roles as managers.

Specific Skills Learned

  • Develop a work plan including building the project team, defining scope and deliverables, and anticipating risks.
  • Guide project implementation, manage the schedule and the budget.
  • Set up projects and assemble the right team based on project management principles.
  • Develop strong communication skills.
  • Acquire relevant technical skills, including proficiency with MS Project.

Employer Expectations

With the recent downturn in the economy, gaining employment has become increasingly competitive. Employers are seeking ways to become more efficient in an effort to remain viable, so effective skills in project management, regardless of the industry or position, are critical. All companies have projects to manage, whether it’s to plan a company retreat, procure new technology or build a multi-million dollar capital project. Candidates who have this skill will stand out and increase their chances of getting a job.

—Steve Okamura, Business Faculty
Retired Project Manager


I have learned a lot [in Intro to Project Management] and am already implementing much of it in my day-to-day work. I am going to recommend this class highly to my colleagues, and you may see me in future classes in the series as well!

—Elizabeth S. Cullen
Project Management student

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