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Internships and Capstone

The AD B.A.S. degree requires the completion of either a mentor-based internship or a self- or group-driven capstone project.


The internship coordinator will work with you to prepare for the job search, which includes creating and updating a technical resume, managing online profiles, conducting interview practice sessions, searching for positions, completing applications, and guiding follow-ups with employers.

Benefits of the internship include:

  • Work Experience: helping to build out a resume with demonstrable work at recognized companies and organizations.
  • Applied Skills: allowing you to apply the skills you've learned in your coursework in real-world industry scenarios.
  • Payment: many – but not all – technical internships are paid positions.
  • Networking and References: build industry contacts and references for future employment.

Please note that, although the program staff works to set up students for success through training and connections with industry professionals, you are ultimately responsible for securing your internship.

Capstone Project

Not all students choose to participate in an internship. In this case, the alternative is a capstone project, where the student or a group of students drives the project focus.

Benefits of a capstone project include:

  • Relevant Experience: relevant project experience helps to build out a resume with demonstrable work.
  • Applied Skills: allowing you to apply the skills you've learned in your coursework in projects that are (or closely resemble) real-world scenarios.
  • Flexible Schedule: capstone projects give the most flexibility in schedule.

Examples of past capstone projects include:

  • A meal planning app that lets users create and edit recipes and add them to a meal plan calendar
  • A mobile app and website for finding your way around the North Seattle College campus