Allied Health Associate of Applied Science-Transfer
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AAS-T: Allied Health

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This program provides students with the pre-requisite courses required to apply for admission to a nursing program or advanced allied health program. Advanced allied health programs have additional pre-requisites. Please see program information on the website or speak to an advisor.  Graduates of the program will be prepared for positions in medical front office, nursing assistant-certified (NAC), or other positions depending on their course of study. This program prepares students for transfer to the Allied Health BAS degree program at Seattle Central College and may not be fully transferable for other bachelor level programs.

Learning Outcomes
  • • Prepare students for successful entry into an allied health program.Other specific prerequisite courses are required for advanced allied health programs.
  • • Prepare students for entry into an allied health BAS degree program by ensuring they have met the pre-requisite course requirements.
  • • Prepare students for employment in a medical front office or NA-C position.

Many classes have prerequisites. Prerequisites are those classes that prove eligibility for entry-level classes by testing or by having satisfied prior course work. Course work earned at other institutions must be unofficially evaluated or approved by a program advisor before registering. Courses in this degree with pre-requisites are marked with an asterisk (*). See catalog for more information.


Program Requirements

       Course Number

General  Education (25 credits)

   Credit Hours

             ENGL& 101

English Composition


MATH &146



HUM 105 or CMST &210

Visual, Literary or Performing Arts course. Listed courses are recommended.


CHEM &121* or
BIOL &160

Laboratory science course. Listed courses are recommended.


PSYC &100 or
SOC &101

Individuals, Cultures, and Societies course. Listed courses are recommended.



Remaining Related Instruction/Foundational Science (25 credits)


      Course Number

Degree Requirements (40 credits)



Up to 40 college credits may be block transferred from the student’s Allied Health certificate program(s). Examples of eligible Allied Health course prefixes: AHD, AHL, MAA, SURG, NUR, PHA, AMA, AHE, CMA, and EDT. For nursing students, these credits must include an NA-C certificate. All other students must earn a certificate in their Allied Health program to be eligible for Seattle Central College’s BAS programs.

If fewer than 40 college credits are block transferred in, the difference may be made up by credits from allied health courses with the above prefixes and/or a maximum of 10 credits of business (BUS) courses.


Total Credits: 90
(excluding pre-requisites)

Total Credits
Total Credits -- Minimum
Sequence Type

This program of study is designed to build off of lower level certificate programs. Typically, students will complete an allied health certificate program first, and then transfer those credits into this degree to complete the associate degree. Students will then fill in any general education, related instruction or additional allied health or business classes they need to complete the degree. The number of quarters required to complete the degree will vary, but it should be possible to complete the required 90 credits in six quarters, full time (15 credits per quarter). The course sequence will vary with each student. Consult the Advising and Counseling Office for assistance developing a personalized course plan.


What Skills do I need to be successful in this field?

What are some potential job titles?

  • Nursing Assistant
  • Emergency Department Technician
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Medical Assistant
  • Others, depending on course of study

Wages, employment trends and pathways

Program Contact:

Tom Frankel
(206) 934-3658

Program Website:

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