The purpose of this subcommittee is to create a plan and actionable steps for interventions in Strategic Courses; then identify a way to assess the intervention process, implement assessment, and begin to assess the effectiveness of the interventions.  The charge for 2023-2024 is to: decide and implement how we should best educate all faculty on this Strategi Courses project and purpose, and the data behind it; decide and implement how we should approach Starfish surveys; explore ways faculty can support students in SC classes to help us achieve mission, vision, values; assess Starfish training.

Membership & Meeting Schedule
  • Members from Guiding Team and interested parties for the general campus
  • Members include: 
    Curtis Bonney, April Materowski, Ben Roberts, Noris Daniel, Jenny Mao, Toni Anderson, Bill Barry, Sarka Faltinova, Dani Blackman, Dan Tarker
  • Once a month on Fridays for 1.5 hours—further details under consideration
Sponsoring Unit Chair
  • Sponsoring Unit: Guiding Team
  • Lead: Curtis Bonney (Dean BTS)