Parent Resources

The Running Start program is a great opportunity for students to take responsibility for their own learning and success. We encourage students to communicate with their parent or guardian about their progression in classes and educational planning.

Your Running Start student is considered a college student and is covered by FERPA . This means that we cannot release a student’s information without their written permission. This includes grades, attendance, fees and/or tuition owed. A student may submit a release of information form , which can be found in the Running Start application packet, if they would like us to discuss their progress with their parent or guardian. For more information concerning FERPA please see our district Student Right-to-Know / Rules and information web page.

Each quarter a parent or guardian must sign their student’s Enrollment Verification Form before they can register. Students will not pay tuition but there may be other fees associated with the classes they choose. Students are expected to pay these fees at the cashier's office once they have registered. Registration is not complete until these fees are paid. Students will be dropped from classes for failure to pay fees.

If the weather seems questionable, there is a disaster or a power outage and you are concerned if the campus is closed and classes have been cancelled, please follow the steps below. Note that North is open and classes are running unless there is a message indicating that we are closed.

find out if North campus is closed:

1. Students may sign up for Campus Alerts from the Seattle Colleges.

• Parents may not subscribe directly. However, students have the option to include additional contact numbers and email addresses in their accounts. You may ask your student to add your contact information to his or her account on your behalf. You may also subscribe to an open regional emergency communications list for schools and colleges at

2. Visit North's Safety pages

3. Check North Seattle College web site home page.

4. Call the college main telephone at (206) 934-3600

Below you will find resources designed to help your student plan for their transition into a university and the major of their choice.

SBCTC's Our Colleges offers information about programs of study and BA's offered at community colleges. It is also a great tool to discover what you are interested in studying!

If your student is interested in beginning a career after high school our college offers many career training options. You can also use the resources listed below.

State Board for Community & Technical Colleges

Prepare for high school graduation and transitions to college. Ready, Set Grad website

Plan for a career in a technical field! The options below will give you detailed information about career training options available at North Seattle College.