Pharmacy Technician

Apply Request Info


Thank you for your interest in North Seattle College’s pharmacy technician program. Applications are accepted on an on-going basis for fall quarter starts.

Applying first requires admission to the College. If not currently a student at North, follow the steps to admission and enrollment, including taking appropriate placement tests as necessary.

Requirements for Approval

1. Attend information session. Applicants must bring test scores and/or transcripts. See calendar for dates, times and location.  If you are unable to attend an on campus/virtual advising session, please watch this pre-recorded advising session and contact me directly to confirm your interest at

2. Provide evidence of high school completion or GED equivalency or higher as required by the Washington State Board of Pharmacy.

3. Provide college transcripts showing satisfactory completion of MATH097 Elementary Algebra or equivalent and ENGL097/ENGL098 College Preparatory Reading & Writing with final placement into English Composition (ENGL&101). Classes must be within the last 5 years OR take the Compass Math and English placement test in the Testing Center and place into English Composition I (ENGL&101) and Intermediate Algebra (MATH098). For drop-in testing hours and test procedures see the testing pages or call (206) 934-3674.

4. Submit completed Pharmacy Technician application with cashier’s paid stamp for non-refundable $35 application fee. Applications are available at information sessions and from the Health & Human Services Division office on the 2nd end of the Instruction Building on the north end of the building.

5. Complete personal data/attestation form.

6. Submit color copy of photo ID

7. Complete an American DataBank national background check. Cost is  $52.20. (Cost is subject to change.)

8. Computer proficiency is recommended. Graduates should expect to keyboard 45 WPM minimum to meet most employers’ expectations.

9. Obtain a Pharmacy Assistant License from the WA Department of Health Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission. You will need to complete 4-hrs of approved HIV Training and pay a $35 application to apply for your Pharmacy Assistant Licensure. Please visit this website to apply online. More information about this step provided during the advising session. 

Placement on Approval List

1. In addition to the English and Math prerequisites, placement on the program approval list will be done after appropriate responses are received on a personal data/attestation form and national background check. Past conduct could impact future licensure under Washington State Department of Health, Board of Pharmacy rules. RCW 18.64A.050, paragraphs 2 and 3, identify grounds for refusal, suspension or revocation of the pharmacy technician certificate. (See the Department of Health web pages.) 
RCW-paragraph 2: “He or she has been found guilty of an offense in violation of the laws of this state relating to drugs, poisons, cosmetics or drug sundries by any court of competent jurisdiction.”
RCW-paragraph 3: “He or she is has exhibited gross incompetency in the performance of his or her duties.”

2. Due to student and patient safety concerns, a delay in program entry may be necessary to ascertain adequate physical and mental health to meet employers’ expectations for pharmacy technician.

3. Applicants who have met the requirements for approval will be placed on the approval list for the next available quarter in which space is available. Currently a new class begins each fall and spring quarters.

Externship Requirements

Students who are accepted into the program must meet the following requirements by the end of first quarter in preparation for externship placement:

Student must submit copies of documentation of immunizations for:

  • Measles, mumps and rubella - vaccinations or proof of positive titer
  • Diphtheria/Tetanus (DT)—must be within the last 9 years
  • Hepatitis B series or proof of a positive titer.
  • Varicella—vaccination or proof of positive titer
  • Current tuberculin skin test (or alternative documentation). Test results must remain current for the duration of the program. TB tests must be done yearly. A two-step TB test may be required for specific sites.
  • Current flu shot

If required by externship site, student must submit a copy of drug test results. Drug tests will be at the expense of the student.

Students must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Good body mechanics, lift/carry a minimum of 25lbs. independently and 50lbs. with assistance
  • Have normal/corrected vision and hearing within normal range
  • Ability to tolerate intermittent sitting, standing, stooping and walking with full range of motion
  • Good manual and finger dexterity
  • Effective communication skills, including ability to read and write in English and communicate verbally in English both in person and by phone
  • Ability to stand on carpeting or linoleum or be seated at a standard desk using an office chair for 2-4 hours
  • Emotional stability and maturity in various circumstances in interpersonal relationship with staff, patients and visitors
  • Ability to deliver care across the age spectrum with cultural and ethnic sensitivity

Anticipated Tuition

Students will take an average of 18-19 credits per quarter.  Please access the tuition table to anticipate the appropriate tuition cost.