Information Technology

Computing at North Offers Computer Science Transfer Preparation, Immediate IT Job Training and a New BAS Degree

Twenty-first century computing offers diverse career opportunities that are interesting, challenging and constantly evolving. Work with computers can range from basic computer literacy — relevant to virtually every job setting — to technical training in areas like network infrastructure, to application of sophisticated computer science knowledge in a wealth of emerging cyber careers. 

North’s Computing options include excellent preparation for transfer to a 4-year school through the Computer Science Transfer program — as well as certificates and degrees to prepare for immediate employment in IT positions like network infrastructure and security support and individual courses to upgrade computer skills. And announcing a new opportunity -- the Bachelor of Applied Science in Application Development.

BAS in Application Development

The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Application Development (BAS-AD) provides a bachelor’s degree opportunity for students who already have Information Technology (IT) related degrees such as the Associate of Applied Science (AAS).

The degree focuses on the skills needed to develop, create and modify general computer applications software, mobile applications or specialized utility programs. It also trains students to analyze user needs and develop software solutions and design or customize software.

Computer Science Transfer Program

North’s Computer Science program prepares you for successful transfer to a 4-year institution in computer science or computer engineering. North’s program typically sends more transfer students to UW than any other community college in the area. And our graduates do extremely well.

You can also take individual courses to supplement your studies if you are already a bachelor’s degree candidate, and CS classes satisfy requirements for career training programs on campus as well as other transfer programs (like science and health science).

Students that are not college ready, may be able to start through I-BEST Information Technology.

IT Opportunities

North’s Information Technology (IT) program provides IT fundamentals, helps you upgrade your computer literacy skills and offers specialized training for immediate employment as a business programmer, systems analyst or computer operator.

Choose from the AAS degree as a Network Infrastructure and Security Specialist, a related one-year certificate program, and 15-credit certificates for Linux/UNIX Operating Systems and Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Prepare for industry certifications or get foundation training with Web development, software applications and programming courses.

Student Support & Flexible Scheduling

North’s 3 open labs have 100 computers, available to all computing students on campus. All students have access to excellent tutoring services online and through the Math Learning Center. And both the IT and Computer Science programs offer online choices as well as traditional classroom formats, with day and some evening classes.