All-Gender and Gender Neutral Restrooms

North Seattle College strives to create a welcoming and accessible learning environment for all students. For trans-identified students and those who identify outside the gender binary, the college provides all-gender/gender neutral restrooms at the specified locations. 

College Center Building (CC)

  • Restrooms (single-stall) are located in conference room CC1161 near the Equity and Welcome Center by Security. 

Health Sciences and Student Resources Building (HS)

  • Restrooms (single-stall) are on the first and second floors adjacent to the elevators near the stairway. 

Wellness Center (WC) 

  • Restrooms (multi-stall layout) are on the second floor adjacent to the elevators. 

Refer to the map below.    
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North Seattle College Campus Overview Map - All Gender Restrooms noted in College Center Building, Health Sciences and Student Resouces Building, and Wellness Center. Refer to text above this image detailing locations of restrooms.