Find What You Need in North's Business Programs

In North’s business courses you’ll acquire the skills to tackle the financial, marketing, communication, organizational and technical challenges of growing professionally in the business world. Whether a novice just preparing for your career or a professional wanting to increase your options or transition into a new arena, North’s unique programs equip you for the demands and challenges of the 21st century.


Program Options

North’s Business programs offer a range of certificates as well as AB and AAS degrees and a new Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in International Business.

The BAS in International Business, which started in 2013,  provides a bachelor’s degree opportunity for students who already have business or accounting non-transfer associate degrees. The IB BAS focuses on the cultural competency and management skills needed by companies doing business in an international arena.

With the Associate in Business degree, you prepare for transfer to a 4-year school with a focus on accounting, finance or management. With the Associate of Applied Science in General Business degree, you’ll be ready for entry-level work in business and movement into management.

Hone skills for a promotion, expanded responsibilities or a new position based on mastering an in-demand project management skill-set in the online certificate program.

With the International Trade certificate, enter the interconnected global village for the first time or, as a career professional, upgrade skills and enhance your company profile with an in-depth focus on the most current real-world developments.

Do solid business planning for success in launching your own start-up after completing the Entrepreneurship certificate — the only one of its kind at a Seattle community college.

Get an excellent foundational education in business management in the Retail Management Certificate program. This certificate was created in partnership with the Western Association of Food Chains (WATC) and is well-supported by the retail grocery industry.

Flexible Schedules/Internship Focus

Business courses accommodate working adults and modern life styles, with a day or evening schedule in the traditional classroom or online and an increasing number of hybrid classes (part online, part in classroom). Interactive classes emphasize interpersonal skills — identified by North’s Business Technical Advisory Committee as the #1 skill needed in the business world.

There are well-equipped computer labs, a multi-media lab and a focus on real projects in real work settings. Internships are a major aspect of training, where employer, faculty and student all agree upon learning goals.

Faculty are all professionals in the workplace: lawyers, managers, engineers, consultants and coaches, some with behavioral training and some with finance background.

Core Skills

The business curriculum develops core skills needed to become a successful business person, including skills in communication, organization, technology, financial and marketing analysis, hiring, and ways to nurture innovation and maintain ethical business practices.