Student Leadership and Multicultural Programs

Student Leadership and Multicultural Programs commits to equity, diversity and inclusion. Our departmental missions encompass this commitment and focus on being anti-racist and fiercely stand for social justice.

Currently, we are running all our events in a virtual space. Student Leaders are hired to work in our efforts for student engagement and involvement on campus. Student Leadership is made up of 18-20 Student Leaders who work in various boards. Student Leaders coordinate and execute activities and initiatives that promote engagement and support North’s values of being an inclusive, innovative, caring, and responsive community. Student leaders develop leadership and professional skills to implement programs, activities, and advocacy efforts that benefit each student.

Our SLMP Student Leaders were hired in early Spring Quarter for the 2020-2021 academic year. They serve on boards listed below.

Please contact Eustace Mazila or Janet Hoppe-Leonard if you are interested in future positions. Their emails are and

SLMP Mission

Student Leadership and Multicultural Programs engages students and the campus community in meaningful advocacy and programming designed to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Our Values

  • Excellence in equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Multicultural, intercultural, and global perspectives
  • Sustainability
  • Student engagement
  • Being responsive to changing student and community needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Leadership (SL) consists of 18-20 students who represent the interests of the student body and are the student government here on campus. Student Leaders are not elected, but are hired for paid work positions during spring quarter to serve as Student Leaders for the following academic year.

Student Leadership offers students the opportunity to plan events on campus, support student clubs, participate in key campus committees, allocate student fees, and research the needs of students. Student Leadership offers opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and represent the student body. SL also provides support for student activities and student organizations.

Those interested in being hired for Student Leadership need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled as a student for the full school year that they are hired for (3 quarters).
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 quarterly GPA.
  • Have strong written and oral English communication skills.
  • Be able to attend weekly meetings and fulfill other duties required by their position.

Applications for Student Leadership positions are generally available late winter and early spring quarters. Periodically, positions may become available at other times of the year. Please contact Janet Hoppe-Leonard. Her email is:

Student Leadership hires 18-20 students who represent the interests of the student body and are known as Student Leaders (SL's). Student Leaders are hired through a competitive application process and are paid an hourly wage. Each position serves a unique and essential role in representing North’s student body. Students in all positions work with college administrators, faculty, and staff on events, committees, and initiatives that guide and direct college operations and build campus community. Once hired, Student Leaders will be selected to work on one of our 8 boards, based on interest and availability.

Student organizations, which include clubs and affinity groups, change from year-to-year. Check our website for currently available organizations. Also, check our website for information on how to start an organization.