Electronics Technology & Electronics Engineering
Employment Information


In Washington, the entry-level wage for electrical and electronic engineering technicians is $18.96/hour. Entry-level county and city government workers average slightly higher. Nationally, technicians earn a median wage of $28.15/hour.

Working Conditions

Electronic engineering technicians work at government agencies like NOAA, the Port of Seattle, airports, in small-scale manufacturing/light industry like aerospace product manufacturers, at semiconductor manufacturers, navigational and measuring instrument manufacturers, manufacturers of switching and lighting systems for aviation, display systems, medical space labs and security systems.

Employees work indoors in laboratories, offices or manufacturing plants or sometimes outdoors at construction sites. Workers are sometimes exposed to hazardous equipment.

Employment Outlook

Between 2012 and 2022, the number of jobs in electronics engineering is projected to increase 10 percent in Washington state. Nationally, the number of jobs is expected to remain flat without growth.