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AAS-T: Electronics Eng. Tech

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This two-year program of study prepares students for admission to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program in Electronics Engineering Technology at Central Washington University (CWU) as well as for the workplace.  If students goal is to complete the BS at CWU it is recommend they speak to the EET Coordinator for details prior to starting this program.

If you want to go to work immediately upon completion of the North Seattle Community College program –whether you continue into advanced training or not – you will find that the course work has given you an excellent foundation in applied engineering. Our program is popular among employers because graduates are skilled in practical engineering applications.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this degree, students will be able to:

  • • Understand technical concepts and terms used in the electronics field.
  • • Analyze and troubleshoot electronic systems using standard instrumentation and or software simulation.
  • • Use, configure, and troubleshoot computer hardware, operating systems and basic networks.
  • • Repair, maintain and install electronic and electrical systems.
  • • Locate, evaluate and apply relevant information from various sources. 
  • • Use standard business software as a communications tool.

Many classes have prerequisites. Prerequisites are those classes that prove eligibility for entry-level classes by testing or by having satisfied prior course work. Course work earned at other institutions must be unofficially evaluated or approved by a program advisor before registering. Course in this degree with pre-requisites are marked with an asterisk (*). 

Electronics Engineering Technology AAS Prerequisites:

  • Placement into ENGL&101 or higher
  • Placement into MATH&141 or higher or successful completion of equivalent class (or higher)
  • BUS169 or equivalent computer experience.

 Note: Advanced placement testing, work experience, and transfer of credits may result in course waivers, credit transfer, and advanced placement.

Course Number General Education/ Related Instruction  (38-40 Credits) Credits
CMST&210* Interpersonal Communications 5
ENGL&101* English Composition I 5
ENGL&230* or ENGL&235 Technical Writing 3-5
MATH&142* Precalculus II 5
MATH&151* Calculus I 5
MATH&152* Calculus II 5
Human Relations Elective   5
Global Studies or US Cultures Elective   5
Course Number Degree Requirements (72 Credits) Credits
EET105 Introduction to Technology 2
EET108 Introduction to Fiber Optics 5
EET137* Introduction to Robotics 5
EET138* Robotic Applications 5
EET161 D.C. Principles of Electronics 5
EET162* A.C. Principles of Electronics 5
EET163* Solid State Electronics 5
EET165* Analog Circuits & Devices I 5
EET170* Digital Electronics & PLCs I 5
EET171* Digital Electronics & PLCs II 5
PHYS&221* Engineering Physics I 5
PHYS&222* Engineering Physics II 5
PHYS&223* Engineering Physics III 5
Technical Elective   5
Total Credits -- Minimum
Total Credits -- Maximum

This program of study is outlined by quarter, and courses should be taken in the indicated sequence. However, it should not be concluded that students will always proceed through their program of study exactly as prescribed here. The number of quarters listed here is minimal. Not all courses are offered every quarter. Individual student experiences, educational and training background, and personal schedules and demands all may affect the time it takes to finish this program. Although summer quarter is not considered one of the full-time quarters in the program it would be a good time to take ENGL&101 and any of the courses listed below at, "Any quarter." 

  • 1st Quarter: EET105, EET161, MATH&142
  • 2nd Quarter: EET162, EET163, MATH&151
  • 3rd Quarter: EET165, EET170, MATH&152
  • 4th Quarter: EET166, EET171, PHYS&221
  • 5th Quarter: EET137, Human Relations elective, PHYS&222, EET108
  • 6th Quarter: EET138,  ENGL&101, PHYS&223
  • Any Quarter: CMST&210, ENGL&230 or ENGL&235, Global Studies or US Cultures elective, Technical elective
Elective Groups

Technical Electives

Any non-required EEL, EET, HVC, TDR, CSC, CHEM, ENGR, NANO, MATH 116* or higher, BUS 210*, BUS 229* or IT 111

Global Studies

These courses are currently approved to fulfill the Global Studies requirement of the AA degree. Please check with your advisor for recommendations and special conditions that may apply.

Human Relations

These courses are currently approved to fulfill the Human Relations requirement for this specific degree. Please check with your advisor for recommendations and special conditions that may apply.

US Cultures

These courses are currently approved to fulfill US Cultures requirement of the AA degree. Please check with your advisor for recommendations and special conditions that may apply.

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