The role of the PACS is to bring together representatives from Student Leadership, Faculty, and Staff  to work toward sustainability at North Seattle College (North). Individuals and constituencies shall have ample opportunity to submit and provide input on proposals related to the development of sustainability initiatives including but not limited to; Campus as a Living Lab student research projects, facility operations and efficiency, investment, curriculum and community engagement through special events and programs.

By involving the Council in such matters, the college administration seeks to foster and support an institutional commitment to sustainable practices by all constituencies at North.


The Council, on behalf of the college community, shall advise the President and Executive Team on matters vital to the mission and goals of North as set forth in the College's Strategic Plan. Its functions shall be to:

  • Generate new sustainability initiatives or projects and support existing sustainability initiatives;
  • Propose sustainability policies to the Executive Team to be considered for adoption or implementation by the college;
  • Authorize spending of the Sustainability Fund for sustainability-related initiatives and projects;
  • Advise the Seattle Colleges District Sustainability Committee on best practices used at North that could be considered at other colleges in the district;

The PACS is composed of students, faculty, staff, and administration from North whom are passionate about sustainability. The council is involved with supporting sustainability related projects on campus, and is a driving force for making our campus a more sustainable environment. It is the intent of the college administration to encourage all constituencies to embrace sustainability and develop programs and practices through involvement in the PACS.

Meetings are the fourth Thursday of every month from 2-3:30 PM in the President's Boardroom. Check us out!  Get Involved!

If you have any questions about the committee or the Sustainability Office you can contact Tim Albertson at Below you will find Committee By Laws and the operational guidelines used by the council, as well as periodic updates of relevant supporting documents or any news related to the PACS.


Supporting Documents

In April 2013, the committee decided that a restructuring of the committee would result in a more effective committee, and better facilitate the implementation of sustainability projects on campus. The original operational guidelines were used as a basis for a new, altered set of guidelines that more accurately reflect the level of participation of the committee, the involved individuals, and the general energy level of the sustainability program. We feel this revised set of guidelines will allow us to better serve the campus community as the stewards of sustainability on campus. This set of guidelines was produced by and voted on by the entire voting committee, and adopted as of May 2013's sustainability committee meeting.