International Students
B.A.S. International Business
Internship & Practicum

The International Business B.A.S. degree incorporates both a practicum and an internship into the international business curriculum. These courses contribute to a significant applied, hands-on learning focus for the applied baccalaureate degree, giving students real world experience that they can bring to their future jobs.

International Business Practicum

The practicum is focused on developing cultural sensitivity by ensuring all students experience (or have experienced) being immersed in a culture where another language is spoken.  

For students who are without an international or multicultural background, the practicum provides a practical experience in a language/culture they’ve been studying. The practicum may be fulfilled through an educational excursion to a country where that language is spoken, working or volunteering in a non-profit or business that primarily communicates in that language, or other means arranged with the faculty program coordinator.

Students who are bilingual and have experience with two cultures may use a Credit for Prior Learning option to receive credit for the practicum.

International Business Internship

The International Business internship requirement of the IB B.A.S. degree is planned to take place in the spring quarter of the second year of the program, the last quarter of the program. The internship can be completed domestically or abroad but must focus in the international business industry and must incorporate knowledge learned in previous international business courses.

There is also an internship preparation component incorporated into the first year of the IB B.A.S. program. This component will assist students in identifying and applying for internship opportunities.

The internship is a perfect way for IB B.A.S. students to gain real-world experience in a sector of the international business industry which can lead to a permanent full-time position after graduation.

Internship opportunities will be developed over time for the IB B.A.S. degree program, and students will work with an internship coordinator for guidance in identifying practicum and internship opportunities in their areas of interest. It is strongly recommended that students meet with and work with the internship coordinator throughout the program.