Internship & Practicum

The International Business B.A.S. degree incorporates both a practicum and an internship into the international business curriculum. These courses contribute to a significant applied, hands-on learning focus for the applied baccalaureate degree, giving students real world experience that they can bring to their future careers.

International Business Practicum

The Practicum is a 5 credit course (IBN 350) where students must demonstrate and develop cultural sensitivity and/or linguistic competency in a culture different from their native culture/language.

The B.A.S. practicum is an applied, hands-on learning experience where students will be immersed in another culture and/or another language. Students have several options to complete the practicum, including independent travel abroad, participation in the program’s Global Work Integrated Learning project with Malaysian and Australia universities, or Credit for Prior Learning for past experience living in a different culture (must receive faculty approval).

International Business Internship

The IB B.A.S. internship is another hands-on learning experience that includes the B.A.S. student working at a company or organization and applying skills and knowledge learned in the IB B.A.S. program. Students have the option to do their internship abroad or stay within the United States and work with a business that is involved in aspects of international business. Students can complete the internship beginning in spring quarter of their junior year in the program. The internship course can be taken spring, summer, or fall quarter during the program.

There is also an internship preparation component incorporated into the first year of the IB B.A.S. program. This component will assist students in identifying and applying for internship opportunities.

The internship is a perfect way for IB B.A.S. students to gain real-world experience in a sector of the international business industry which can lead to a permanent full-time position after graduation.

Students will work with an internship coordinator for guidance in identifying practicum and internship opportunities in their areas of interest. It is strongly recommended that students meet with, and work with, the internship coordinator throughout the program.