B.A.S. Early Childhood Education


Applied Learning Opportunities:
Practicum and Capstone

Credit for Prior Learning

The Early Childhood Education B.A.S. degree includes significant applied learning opportunities. The practicum (5 credits) and capstone (5 credits) are designed to ensure real-world, practical applications of the concepts and tools learned.

The program also incorporates an embedded practicum through a coaching platform in which students upload video of themselves teaching for peer and instructor feedback. Practicum participation is an essential part of the program and required of all students. Currently, students must spend at least 5 hours per week working directly with early learners at their practicum site; in 2018-19 the minimum number of hours may increase. This takes place at the student’s place of employment, or, if the student is not currently working at an early childhood setting, at an internship site. Our program manager can help to place students at an internship site.

The practicum and capstone course descriptions can be viewed on the curriculum page.

Credit for Prior Learning

We encourage B.A.S. students to apply for Prior Learning Assessment credits if their previous coursework, training, work experience or military service warrants. Eligibility for prior learning should be explored with the B.A.S. manager and then the faculty coordinator upon admittance to the program.

Students may have up to 25 percent of the 180 total program credits covered through successful completion of Prior Learning Assessment. A maximum of 15 credits of early childhood education upper-division courses may be covered through Prior Learning Assessment. The college recognizes the importance and relevance of prior leaning assessment and has made strides in making this easily accessible for students.

  • North follows the recommendations made by the American Council on Education when evaluating military training and education records. The college’s Office of Veterans Services will help active and veteran military personnel contact appropriate faculty to work with.
  • Students may work with faculty to receive credit through the Prior Experiential Learning Portfolio (PELP) program. This method is appropriate for persons who have acquired knowledge and skills in ways that are not covered by “traditional” tests and transcripts. We expect this will be the method used for most Prior Learning Assessments of upper-division ECE coursework.
  • Students may test out of specified general education courses by taking the final examination.

If you think you may qualify for Prior Learning Assessment credits, please contact Program Manager person(agarrett) for more general information. Please note that Prior Learning Assessment cannot be conducted until a student is admitted to the program.