Rental Rates

We have a variety of rooms available for rental starting at $35/hr for classrooms. Please note that in order to have a better chance of renting the room of your choice we recommend putting in requests at least two months in advance.

Each room is equipped with projectors, computers, and free WIFI. The college also can provide, upon request, microphones, extra chairs and tables, and sound equipment. Please make sure to inquire about IT/Media devices at the time of your initial request. Special media requests need at least one week to be processed.

Below are the most popular rental rooms of North Seattle College. There are many other rooms that you may inquire about. Pricing is subject to change based on the Seattle College District Procedure Number 250.

Surcharge Policy: 

  1. Surcharges are charged once for consecutive bookings. (Ex: Sunday and Monday rental = 1 surcharge)
  2. Surcharges are always charged for Wellness Center (WC1727) for floor lay down.
  3. Surcharges are always charged, even during consecutive bookings, when significant set up/clean-up is required between days.
  4. Surcharges are always charged when there are gaps between bookings. (Ex: Monday, Wednesday, Friday booking, each day would incur a separate surcharge)