The Communication & Media Arts certificate is a complementary option to the AAS-T Degree in Communication, Business and Media.  THIS PROGRAM IS NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW STUDENTS.

This cross-disciplinary professional certificate program emphasizing: visual and aural communication, art and technology, and media design, production, and management.


Competencies for placement into ENGL&101 are strongly recommended for all C&MA students to facilitate successful completion of the certificate.

Course Number Course Title Credits
ART101 Design 5
ART102 Design 5
ART111 Drawing 5
either ART114 
or ART210
Introduction to Digital Photography 
Computer Art
either ART121
or ART214
or ART290
or CMST196
or CMST197
or CMST198
or CMST291
or CMST292
or CMST293
Introduction to Printmaking
Advanced Computer Art
The Art Business
The Business of Streaming Media
Best Practices for Intellectual Property in Streaming Media
Best Practices for Streaming Media
Internet and Print Practicum
Radio and Audio Practicum
Television and Print Practicum
either CMST&101
or CMST275
Introduction to Communication
Online Communication
CMST&220 Public Speaking 5
CMST290 Media Project Management Practicum 5
either ENGL&101
or HUM104
English Composition I
Visual Thinking
either MATH&107
or MATH116
or BUS116
or ACC110
Math in Society
Math for Management
Business Math / Spreadsheets
Introduction to Accounting/Bookkeeping I

The following optional credits may be taken with permission from the program coordinator.

Optional Internship & Portfolio
Course Number Course Title Credits
CMST295 Studies & Works in Communication 5
Total Credits -- Maximum

Fall Quarter: ART101, HUM104 or ENGL&101, MATH116 or MATH&107 or BUS116 or ACCT110

Winter Quarter: ART102, CMST&220, CMST290

Spring Quarter: ART111, ART210 or ART114, CMST275 or CMST&101

Summer Quarter: ART121 or ART214 or ART290 or CMST196 or CMST197 or CMST198 or CMST291 or CMST292 or CMST293

Any Quarter: CMST295