Communication, Business & Media

The Communication, Business & Media certificate program combines Business (a professional / technical program) and Communication (a transfer program) to create a unique professional career program.  THIS PROGRAM IS NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW STUDENTS.

Course Number Course Title Credits
BUS114 Introduction to Marketing 5
BUS210 Business and Economic Statistics 5
CMST195 Media Management & Operations 5
CMST255 Writing for Organizations & the Media 5
either CMST&220 
or CMST275 
or BUS236
Public Speaking
Online Communication 
Interpersonal Communications for the Workplace
either CMST235 
or BUS156
Media Research, Marketing, & Sales 
Introduction to eBusiness and Commerce
either CMST265 
or BUS112
Media Relations & Ethics 
Multi-Cultural Issues in the American Workplace
either CMST290 
or BUS229
Media Project Management Practicum 
Project Management
either CMST291 
or CMST292 
or CMST293 
or CMST294
Internet & Print Practicum 
Radio & Audio Practicum 
Television & Video Practicum 
News & Public Information Practicum

One of the following optional credits may be taken with permission from the program coordinator.

Optional Internship & Portfolio
Course Number Course Title Credits
either CMST295 
or BUS197
or CWE110
Studies & Works in Communication 
Work Experience and Business Occupations 
Total Credits -- Minimum
Total Credits -- Maximum

Advanced placement testing, work experience, and transfer of credits may result in course waivers, credit transfer, and advanced placement. Students should consult with an advisor regarding individual course prerequisites and advanced placement status.

This program curriculum contains substantial and coherent general education and related instruction. General education provides the broad, non-specialized portion of the students' education that includes: communication, quantitative reasoning, human relations, U.S. cultures or global studies. The general education requirements address this description of general education. Other program requirements outside of this division (e.g., English and math) represent related instruction in support of skills and knowledge necessary in this field of study.

Throughout this program of study the importance of a responsible and professional work ethic is stressed. Factors leading to such a work ethic are identified and discussed. Instruction is also provided in effective leadership and how it enhances the work environment. Input from this program's industrial advisory committee is essential to curriculum content pertaining to the work ethic and leadership as well as the technically oriented curriculum.

Effective beginning: Fall 2004 
Communication Business & Media
614A / 10.0105