Workforce Education
Resources to Initiate Successful Employment

Program Specialist
Calvin Rabiroff
(206) 934-6158

***NOTE: RISE is no longer accepting new enrollments. For questions, please contact the program specialist, Calvin Rabiroff.***

RISE is a pilot employment program funded through the Department of Social and Health Services. The aim of this new program is to help certain Basic Food recipients become job-ready, find long-term employment and attain self-sufficiency. RISE participants do not need to be enrolled at North Seattle College.

In order to be considered for RISE, you must receive Federal Basic Food Assistance (SNAP) and meet at least one of five target criteria:

  • • Long-term unemployed
  • • Limited English
  • • Non-custodial parent owing back child support
  • • Veteran
  • • Homeless

TANF recipients and those receiving state-funded food assistance are not eligible to participate.

For more information about RISE, please contact Calvin Rabiroff.

For more information or to apply for Basic Food Assistance, visit this site.