Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)! Below are some common questions with answers that we hope you find helpful; questions are organized by topic. Please keep in mind that these answers are specific to Workforce Education funding at North. If you still have questions, please see Contact Us to get in touch.”

Workforce Education Enrollment

Start by completing the Start Next Quarter survey here to see if you prequalify for one or more Workforce Education funding program. If you prequalify, you will receive a message with a link to our online Workforce Education Funding Application. We currently accept applications on an ongoing basis. The online application will need to be completed in one sitting as there is no option to save and return to finish the application once you have started. Submitted applications may take up to 10 business days to process. We will notify you via email of your eligibility status as soon as your application has been reviewed. Note: The screening survey is not the official application form, please make sure that you fill out our online Workforce Education Funding Application following the survey. The application requires a digital signature before submission.

Unfortunately, you cannot switch to North without restarting the process. See question above: What is the Workforce Education application process?

Once you are enrolled in Workforce Education funding your funding program Specialist will send you our Quarterly Enrollment Form (QEF) which you will need to complete to request continuation of your Workforce Education funding for the next quarter; the QEF is separate from our application. Your funding Specialist will let you know about any other funding specific forms or paperwork that you need to submit and keep you posted about your funding eligibility each quarter.

If it has been over four quarters since you’ve received Workforce Education funding at North, then you will need to restart the application process. For more information about our application process, see question above: What is the Workforce Education application process?

You do not need to have your FAFSA or WASFA completed prior to applying for Workforce Education (WFE) funding. However, if you are enrolled in a Career Training program or taking Career Training program prerequisite classes, then you will need to complete the FAFSA or WASFA before receiving WFE funding for your next quarter. It is a WFE funding requirement to have the FAFSA or WASFA completed during the first quarter of WFE funding. NOTE: This does not apply to students who will be enrolled in  Pre-College program classes during their second quarter of Workforce Education funding.

Have questions about the FAFSA or WASFA? See section below: ADDITIONAL RESOURCES SUPPORT; question: I have questions about FAFSA or WASFA. Who can I talk to?

Additional Support Resources

Each career training program has a faculty/program coordinator. The coordinator assists with course substitutions, work experience credit and prior learning credit. Coordinators are also industry experts available to answer questions about career opportunities in your chosen field of study. Faculty/Coordinator contact information is available online to the right of each career training page.

There are a lot of resources at North Seattle College that can help you regardless of whether you are a student at North. Please see the Career Services page for a list of different offices and agencies that can help you find a job.

If you are a current student at North, you can also contact the Career Services Specialist, Meredith Bane, to schedule an appointment for resume review, interviewing practice or general job search assistance; please email her at

Please see the Workforce Education resource request list here for resource links organized by type.

You can find information on the North’s COVID-19 Information & Resources page here. If you are a student at North, you can also access resources via Canvas course: School and Community Resources here.

North’s Advising office can help answer these questions. You can meet with an Academic Advisor for program exploration, create an education plan or even discuss which classes you could take when you haven’t decided on a program of study. Please see the Advising page here to learn how to schedule an appointment or contact the Advising office.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office at North Seattle College by phone at 206-934-3688 or by email at