Requesting a Tutor Instructions

Student Learning Center
Tutor Request: Instructions for Students

Student Tutor Request Page


Creating a new account

  • Click on create a new account
  • Under username, enter your EAD (firstname.lastname)
  • Under SID, type your 9 digit student identification number
  • Under Retype SID, type your 9 digit student identification number again
  • Click the blue sign-up button

Once you have successfully created your account, you can login with your SID to request a tutor at slc.northseattle.edu/signin.html

Signing in to Request a Tutor


  • Under SID, type in your student identification number
  • Click the green sign in button
  • A pop-up box will come up displaying the EAD associated with the SID that you entered. If this is your EAD, please click on OK. If it is not your EAD, you may have entered the wrong SID. In this case, click on cancel and try again.

Requesting a Tutor

Once inside the tutor request website, students can request a tutor from any of our centers.

  • Under choose a center, select a tutoring center from the drop-down menu
  • Under place, select whether you will be sitting at a table or a computer
  • Under number, enter the table or computer number where you will be sitting
  • Under subject, select the subject for which you will need assistance
  • Click submit

For writing center only, students have the option of either selecting any tutor or a specific tutor currently on the schedule.

Once you submit your tutor request, a pop-up box will appear confirming that your request has been submitted.

Afterwards, you will see your request appear in the tutor waiting list for the area in which you are waiting to see a tutor. You should be able to see the tutor waiting list on a monitor in the room in which you are waiting.