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It All Begins at Page One!

So why change? The Loft Writing Center Plus was such a catchy name.

imageWell, as we began to prepare for our move into the new Tutoring Center in 2014, we realized the name no longer made sense as we would be located on the bottom floor in the new facility instead of the top floor of the library. So after several committee meetings and extensive vetting from many stakeholder groups, we agreed that the Page One Writing and Language Center best summed up the message we want to send our students and community about the work we do.

Page One – The name signifies our commitment to writing as process. It begins on the first page. 

Writing – This is our central purpose. Helping all students on campus improve their writing skills.

And – A conjunction indicating that we have more to add

Language – We don’t just help with writing. We also help students with reading, pronunciation, listening, and speaking – not to mention World Languages and Critical Thinking. 

Center –  Not only are we centrally located in the new HSSR building, but we are also a place where students can become part of a community of learners.

So come join us and kick start your writing process at Page One!

Page One Writing & Language Center Contacts

Daniel Tarker
 (206) 934-4754

Faculty Coordinators

Tracy Heinlein
(206) 934-3711

Sara Legg
(206) 934-0198

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hs1636B (East side of the HSSR Building, 1st floor)
East side of the HSSR Building, 1st floor


Thank you for your great support. The tutoring sessions have significantly improved my skills from reading to writing essays and helped me get excellent grades in my English 101 and 102 classes.  –

—Magdalena Szabo


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