Frequently Asked Questions

A writing tutor is a person, sometimes a teacher, journalist or writer, with a background in or special knowledge of English who enjoys helping students. All tutors have BA degrees, and some have MAs or PhDs. Some tutors have expertise in a particular area, such as grammar, ESL or creative writing. Grammar tutors wear green name tags. All engage in ongoing training.

Tutors will help you with anything related to the English language. At Page One, a student can work with a tutor to clarify an assignment, develop a thesis, organize ideas, learn grammar rules, study vocabulary, understand reading passages, practice pronunciation or converse with native English speakers. Tutors help students with essays, homework worksheets, test preparation, speaking practice and other work like formatting a résumé or crafting a personal statement for a college application. Tutors can also help you with the Loft computer programs, Microsoft Word or Excel.

30 minutes. This is enough time to work on a narrow aspect of an assignment but not so much time that tutors provide too much help to students or students become dependent on tutors. It also ensures that as many students as possible can receive help from our tutors.

All students at NSC may receive two 30-minute tutoring sessions in Page One per day.

Narrow your question or concern to something that can be discussed in 30 minutes. For instance, instead of telling the tutor, “I want you to look at my paper,” you could say, “I want to discuss how to strengthen my thesis.” Bring your assignment sheet! This is important because sometimes students forget what an instructor requires for an essay, what questions he or she wants the paper to address, or how different components of an assignment are graded. If you bring your assignment sheet, a tutor can review it with you.

Page One is a drop-in writing center. As you enter the room, the Greeter Station is on your right. On top of the desk is the tutor sign-in notebook. Write your name, the time and circle whether you are in English 080. If you want to see a particular tutor, there is a line where you can write his or her name. The greeter and tutors check the book frequently and will call your name when it is your turn. Sometimes Page One is busy and sometimes it is slow; we recommend that you come to Page One when you have at least 40 minutes to work, just in case you have to wait a few minutes to see a tutor.

Tutors are not proofreaders or editors. We won’t write on your paper, but any notes we make on scratch paper are yours to keep. We will help you identify patterns of grammatical errors in your writing, but it is your job to follow through and correct them.

No. We will help you with your assignments to the best of our abilities, but your essay, homework or test is your own. You are responsible for your own work. We do not guarantee grades.

We have many resources including computers, reference books and handouts. We have 42 computers with Internet, Microsoft programs and educational programs. Page One's educational programs give students practice with writing, reading and grammar. The reference books contain special information for ESL students, test preparation, and MLA, APA and Chicago citation guidelines for research papers. Finally, the handouts cover a wide range of grammar, organization and research rules in convenient take-home form.

We have many educational programs that help students with grammar, pronunciation, essay development, vocabulary and business writing. All 42 computers also have Internet and Microsoft programs. Ask a tutor if you need help using the computer or finding the best computer program for you.

Yes. Many programs have audio components where students can watch and listen to videos as well as record their own voices to practice pronunciation. Page One provides headsets to use these programs, which can be checked out at the Greeter Station.

We allow students to use computers for as long as they want if they are working on school assignments. If Page One becomes busy and there is a line for the computers, we will ask people who are doing non-homework activities, like checking email or looking at social networking sites, to leave.

Page One has a separate budget from the library and the English department. In order to know how many hours we can be open and how much money we need to pay tutors, buy supplies and purchase computer programs, we need to know how many students use Page One services. The sign-in book keeps track of how many students see a tutor, but only the Time Keeper tracks the total number of students who use Page One. Please remember to Clock In and Out.

ENG 080 is a 2-credit lab course offered by Page One. For more information, please see our ENG 080 page.