Essay Contest

The Student Learning Center
Essay Contest!

Win cash prizes and get published in the Licton Springs Review
by visiting a Page One Writing & Language Center Tutor!

Two Categories
ESL/IEP/GED and College Level

Three Prizes in Each Category
1st place - $100 | 2nd place - $75 | 3rd place $50

Who is eligible to submit?
Any student enrolled at North Seattle College during spring quarter, 2020.

Do I have to get feedback from a tutor to submit?
Yes. When you submit, you must provide a copy of the draft of your essay in which you received feedback from a tutor.

Does it have to be from a class I’m taking?
No. It could be an essay you're writing for your own pleasure, or it could be the product of a class assignment.

How do I see a tutor to get feedback?
Go to the Student Learning Center – Online Tutoring Canvas Shell and visit the Page One Writing Center. You can submit your essay for review though our online essay submission tool or by visiting a tutor live in our Page One Writing Center Zoom room.

What do I submit?

  • A copy of the draft of the paper you worked on with a tutor
  • A final draft of the paper.
  • In your submission email, indicate whether you are taking an ESL/IEP course or a College Level course. This will determine which group of essays your submission will be evaluated with.
  •  In submission email, provide a paragraph reflecting on how the tutor’s input informed your writing. Provide specific examples.

How will winning essays be determined?
All essays will be read with names of the student writers omitted by a panel of Page One tutors. They will be evaluated by the overall quality of the final product, the amount of improvement between the draft worked on with a tutor and the final draft, and the reflection paragraph provided in the submission email.

Where do I submit?
Please submit your essay to daniel.tarker@seattlecolleges with the email title “SLC Essay Contest Submission” by June 1st, 2020.